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The Great British Bake Off and other musings

Crockery_Cutlery 3

I can only apologise for the huge delays between the last few posts. A subtle shift in our home life has meant that the creative juices haven’t been flowing. However Steve has left the unmentionable company he was working for and is now back to freelance graphic design, and the spring is back in his step. Hopefully this means an avalanche of recipes and photoshoots will follow!
We’ve been enjoying the new series of the Great British Bake Off. Steve has often asked me why I haven’t entered, as it seems to be entirely up my street. Apart from the fact the sheer breadth of skills needed terrified me, I couldn’t come up with an answer. Until now. I love to bake a cake, particularly a buttery nutty vanillary* lemony mouthful of loveliness, and often they look very ordinary. I often bake for my colleagues and for them fancy piping, decorations or artistic ability isn’t required, merely a nice piece of cake to eat with their morning coffee, and then when they are still there in the evening; another piece too! I just like to make things that taste good and I don’t necessarily care what they look like, which is particularly challenging when you have a food photography blog! Nonetheless I shall persevere and when I have baked yet another cake I shall try and use my words to convince you of how good it tastes!

*yes, it’s a word.

© Sarah-Jane and Stephen Lewis. All rights reserved.


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